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by Conversed
Main Characters: Edward / Bella
Genre: AH, Angst, Friendship, Romance
Rating: M
Status: WIP

Summary: Edward and Masen Cullen look identical, but mistake them at your peril. Watch as their carefully constructed world falls apart when they meet the new girl in town. There’s slash, smut and Jasper having shower sex with y’all. Are you ready for it?


It was the middle of the night; I was battling the beast that is insomnia when I happened to see a tweet by GreenPuma about a new-ish fic that she was betaing called Twinned. Really, there’s nothing better to do at ungodly o’clock in the morning so I clicked over and was immediately greeted by a banner with two Edwards. Prepared to be disappointed, I clicked onto the first chapter.

Wow, y’all.

Twinned is easily one of the most originally told stories I’ve ever had the absolute pleasure in reading. This story is perfectly and gorgeously crafted. Conversed doesn’t try to explain things. Instead, she is purely a master of showing us the story as opposed to straight telling us.

The first chapter sets the scene. Identical twins, Edward and Masen, suffered a profound loss as children. They were adopted by Carlisle and Esme and now lead a seemingly charmed life in Forks with their cousins, Alice and Emmett, by their side. They’re quite content until Bella Swan appears and all hell breaks loose. From there, you quickly find out that all is not what it seems.

Twinned will keep you guessing. The more you read the more you understand that Conversed is painting a picture that you only see one tiny detail at a time. At its core, Twinned is a beautiful story with equal parts angst, humor, romance and pure heart. Each and every character is flawed perfection and each character has their own storyline. Some of them come together easier than others; some of them you curse yourself for not seeing sooner. What’s also great – unlike other twin stories I’ve seen, Masen isn’t Rob. Instead, he’s the true yin to Edward’s yang. Like Edward, he’s flawed and beautiful, but completely himself.

Let us talk about Twinned’s Jasper. I don’t have enough words for how amazing this Jasper is. The story is mostly told from Edward and Jasper’s points of view, occasionally Emmett’s and very occasionally Masen’s. While the others speak in first person, Jasper is the only one who actually speaks to us. Remarkably, it works not only well but amazingly.

Especially when Jasper takes a moment to have sex in the shower… with us.

Seriously, it is one of the most visceral and outrageously hot moments in all of fanfiction. Everyone should get to have sex with Jasper, so do yourself a favor. Even if don’t read the story, go to chapter five and scroll down “take myself in hand.”

You’re welcome.

Jasper is the heart and soul of the story, surely. This is truly the most creative way I’ve ever seen his gift interpreted. He speaks exactly his mind with a heavy Texan accent and without a care as to who he’s making uncomfortable. He’s got an eye for both ladies and menfolk alike, giving the story slightly slashy undertones.

He looks me right in the eye and, fuck, that boy is beautiful.

Have I told y’all?I might have mentioned it in passing.

He’s all auburn and gold where I’m damp sand; all lime and limpid where I’m boring blue. He’s even angled where I’m dimpled. He’s a heartbreaker and y’all know if I thought it wouldn’t change things, I’d kiss him. Y’all would too. I don’t even need to say. Alright, I will.

Y’all know it.

Ya’ll would kiss him too.

Of course, he’s right. Edward is so outrageously beautiful and heartbreakingly broken that you’re dying to kiss it all better.

And if all of that doesn’t absolutely beat all, you have this little gem. Despite the fact that she is the catalyst that sets the twins’, and those around them, world spinning, Bella doesn’t really interact with any of the storytellers. It’s interesting because her presence is very obviously felt, especially for Edward, but, seventeen chapters in, she’s the character we know the least about. It’s a unique way to go about an Edward/Bella fanfic to be sure.

Twinned reminds me of American Beauty with its theme of look closer. It captures real life perfectly as we find humor amidst the darkness, hope amidst despair, and love in all its many forms – friendship, family, and romance. With characters we will want to hold, comfort, laugh with and love with, Twinned is a story that will stay with you.

~review by LyricalKris


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